PS4 Virtual Private Network

PS4 VPN Proxy for Accessing USA PlayStation Network (PSN)

The price of the console in USA is $399 - in Europe ~$520 (€399)
Average price for a PS4 Game in US is $49 - in Europe ~$65(€49)

Do I need any more explanation on why it makes sense to buy a USA PS4 and register it with a account?

And if you take into account that you will be downloading most of the games anyhow saving about 30% on each + buy virtually residing in USA you will have full access to Netflix and other streaming services that delay releases for the other countries. And if you are from 80s and 90s and worry about PAL and NTSC issues it is the new millennium when HDMI rules all over the world and Shuhei Yoshida from SONY has confirmed that PS4 is region free meaning games bought in USA work in Europe and imported games from Japan will have no problem running on any console.


Tutorial on how-to setup VPN on PS4 »

vpn ready router for ps4If you do not live in use or Canada you are guaranteed to be overpaying for PS4 games. Same as with Vita and PS3 you can register your PSN Account in use and instead of paying 50 to 100% more for the exact same game you can buy and download them for the very competitive USA prices!

Another advantage of connecting to PSN in USA (via PS4 VPN) is that you get access to the latest Playstation 4 features, updates and game releases before the rest of the world gets them as Sony tends to roll out them gradually based on a region.


ps4 vpn usa ip

Below I have listed just some of the most popular TV, News, Music and Movie channels that you can access if you have a USA IP address. If you come from another country there most likely are not enough advertisers that want to pay for the ads in your location so the publishers don't have the revenue stream to justify transmitting to you. But if via a PS4 VPN you acquire an IP in USA you immediately become a premium customer that they want to deal with, because they hope they will be able to sell something to you.

movies in usa vpn ps4

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